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A Way of Life collection : a brand without borders

A Way of Life

The A Way of Life collection is the first collection Made of Kitenge has designed. All the bags were elaborated in Tanzania in the summer of 2017. We came up with the idea of bringing this experience directly to Europe. We thus manufactured over 30 small bags which Jean-Christophe co-designed with Msafiri. After many long nights, adjustments and refinements, we finally had a product that we believed would meet the tastes of European consumers. Back home in Geneva, Nicolas and his close friend Anel, who had played on the same basketball team for years and both worked as salesmen in their coach's sports equipment store, took over marketing and sales in order to bring the Kitenge brand to life and establish it in Switzerland and beyond; first on social media, then via our own website and online store.

this photo was taken in Cairo, Egypt


La Pochette, La Trousse, Gymbag and Gymbag XL are waiting for you ! Click on one of the items below to learn more about what it has to offer.


The power of small


Form meets function


A timeless classic


A classic reimagined


Ready to find your favourite companion ? Get your hands on one of our unique creations now. Shipping is on us and it only takes 1-3 business days !

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