La Trousse

By madeofkitenge.

A great trip is not about where you go but who you're going with. And you definitely want this family member to be along for the ride. Wether you just want to refresh or are preparing for a grand occasion, it will always be ready to deliver.

As much as La Trousse shines on the outside, it also does on the inside, providing ample room and clever features.

Stylish and practical.

Inside La Trousse, you'll find premium black lining and a large zipper compartment for anything you might need.

We love details.

La Trousse comes with a loop that will allow you to carry it on your finger, hang it in your bathroom or wherever you like.

Like every madeofkitenge product, La Trousse is available in a wide range of colors. You've got the choice ! Go to the shop to see all available colorways !

The power of small

A timeless classic

A classic reimagined

Something different



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