The madeofkitenge classic.

It's how it all started. Classic Gymbag is our legacy and it keeps improving. Now in it's third generation, it is more stylish and robust than ever before. And it's still the ideal companion for those who like to explore light. Slip a water bottle, a book and your lunch box inside and be ready to go !

Refined over and over again, Classic Gymbag is both comfortable to carry and cool to look at. Scroll down to see what it has to offer !

Take a closer look.

Kitenge patterns are full of little details and always stand out from the crowd. They color the streets of Tanzania where you'll find them on numerous people's clothes and accessories. Classic Gymbag captures a touch of this colorful world.

Like all madeofkitenge products, Classic Gymbag is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. And it's practical, too !

Stylish and practical.

Inside every Classic Gymbag, you'll find premium black lining and a large zipper pocket matching your choice of Kitenge.

Whether you like daring style or casual understatement, we've got something for you. Choose from a wide range of colorful Kitenge fabrics, leather bases and bands ! Go to the shop to see all available colorways !

The power of small

Form meets function

A classic reimagined

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