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🌟 Simply Essential: "Ndogo" Small Pouch 🌈


Unveil the charm of simplicity with our "Ndogo" Small Pouch – a petite marvel that brings together the essence of Africa and contemporary flair. Crafted in Africa with exquisite Kitenge fabric and a vegan leather base, this little pouch is not just an accessory; it's a statement of style and positive impact.


✹ Why "Ndogo"? Small Wonder, Big Impact:


Chic Simplicity: "Ndogo," meaning "small" in Swahili, is more than just a pouch; it's a fusion of functionality and fashion. Designed to be your everyday companion, it's small enough to slip into your pocket yet spacious enough to carry your essentials – coins, bills, keys, or your favorite chewing gums and sweets. Embrace the simplicity that makes a statement.


A Splash of Africa: Adorned with vibrant Kitenge fabrics, the "Ndogo" Small Pouch adds a burst of color to your daily life. It's not just an accessory; it's a canvas of African artistry that complements your modern style. Each pouch is a unique piece, celebrating individuality and the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.


Impactful Style: Elevate your fashion game with a pouch that transcends trends. "Ndogo" goes beyond being a stylish accessory; it's a symbol of your support for African small businesses and communities in need. For every pouch sold, a meal is shared with someone across Africa, turning your purchase into a powerful act of positive change.


👜 "Ndogo" - Small Pouch, Big Difference: Make a conscious choice with the "Ndogo" Small Pouch – it's more than a mere accessory; it's a commitment to style, impact, and individuality. Your purchase resonates with the heartbeat of Africa, supporting local businesses and creating meaningful change. Every "Ndogo" sold shares a meal, touches a life, and contributes to a brighter future. Order your "Ndogo" now and experience the joy of carrying a small pouch with a big purpose! 🌟

Pouch "Ndogo"

  • A small zipper pouch with colorful kitenge and a leather touch for added style: your cash, cards, keys and lipstick are going to love it! Keep your essentials together on your finger, in your pocket or in your handbag.

    Fabric: 100% cotton
    Leather: Synthetic
    Lining: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
    Dimensions: 16cm x 12cm x 1 cm
    Made in Tanzania

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