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🌟 For Grand Adventures: "Kubwa XL" Premium Gymbag đŸŒČ


Immerse yourself in a world of style and functionality with the "Kubwa XL" Gymbag – a fusion of African essence and European practicality. Meticulously crafted in Africa, this premium gym bag is the answer for those seeking increased space without compromising on style, quality, and positive impact.


✹ Why "Kubwa XL"? More Space for Your Adventures:


Spacious Versatility: "Kubwa," meaning "large" in Swahili, isn't just a bigger version; it's a bold statement. As the XL variant, this gymbag offers generous space lined with premium black fabric, ready to accommodate everything you need for grand adventures – whether it's a laptop, books for a day hike, or other essentials for extended getaways. It also has a zipped inside pocket for your smaller essentials.


A Touch of Africa: Adorned with beautiful Kitenge fabrics and a vegan leather base, "Kubwa XL" is more than just a gymbag – it's a style statement that elegantly accompanies your journeys. Add a unique touch to every adventure with this bag that celebrates individuality.


Lasting Quality: Designed to endure, "Kubwa XL" doesn't compromise on quality. Well-crafted, resilient, and ready to be your reliable companion, this bag offers extra capacity while maintaining its sophisticated look.


Positive Impact: Every "Kubwa XL" gym bag contributes to positive change. Produced in Africa, it supports small businesses and ensures that for every bag sold, a meal is shared with someone in need on the continent. Choosing "Kubwa XL" is opting for style with significant impact.


👜 "Kubwa XL" - Elevate Your Adventures with Style and Capacity: Elevate your adventures with the "Kubwa XL" Gym Bag. It's not just a purchase; it's a choice to embrace style, support local craftsmanship, and make a difference. Every "Kubwa XL" sold shares a meal, touches a life, and empowers communities. Elevate your journeys – order your "Kubwa XL" today and travel with style and purpose! đŸŒđŸš¶â€â™‚ïž

Gymbag "Kubwa" XL

CHF79.00 Regular Price
CHF59.00Sale Price
Leather color
  • Product info:


    Fabric: 100% cotton

    Height: 43cm

    Width: 37.5cm (42cm including attachments & band)

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