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🌺 Beautifully organized: "Uzuri" Cosmetic Bag 🌈


Unleash the essence of beauty with the "Uzuri" Cosmetic Bag – a creation that merges the allure of Africa with the practicality of modern travel. Crafted in Africa using the vibrant Kitenge fabric and a vegan leather base, this cosmetic bag is not merely a storage accessory; it's a statement of style, impact, and individuality.


✨ Why "Uzuri"? Beauty Unleashed:


Chic Organization: "Uzuri," Swahili for "beauty," transcends the ordinary cosmetic bag. It's a travel companion designed for modern wanderers who seek both functionality and aesthetics. The spacious interior and zipped inside pocket offer a dedicated space for your cosmetics, ensuring you stay organized whether at home or on your worldly adventures.


A Touch of Africa: Adorned with captivating Kitenge fabrics, the "Uzuri" Cosmetic Bag transforms your beauty essentials into a canvas of color and culture. It's not just a bag; it's a celebration of African artistry, adding a unique and vibrant touch to your modern travel style.


Impactful Beauty: Beyond its visual appeal, every purchase of the "Uzuri" Cosmetic Bag contributes to meaningful change. It supports small businesses in East Africa, making it a choice that resonates beyond your beauty routine. For every bag sold, a meal is shared with someone in need across Africa, creating a ripple of positive impact.


👜 "Uzuri" - Unveil Your Beauty, Make a Difference: Elevate your beauty ritual with the "Uzuri" Cosmetic Bag – it's more than just a purchase; it's a commitment to style, impact, and celebrating the beauty of diversity. Each "Uzuri" sold shares a meal, touches a life, and contributes to a brighter future. Embrace the beauty within and around you – order your "Uzuri" today and make a statement with every journey! 🌟

Trousse de toilette "Uzuri"

CHF 39.00Prix
  • Un kit de voyage pour tous tes essentiels. Peut contenir shampoing, brosse à dents, dentifrice, maquillage et bien plus encore. À l'intérieur, tu trouveras une doublure noire de qualité supérieure et une poche zippée supplémentaire.


    Tissu: 100% coton

    Cuir: synthétique

    Doublure: 65% polyester, 35% coton

    Dimensions: 28,5 cm x 18,5 cm x 12 cm

    Fabriqué en Tanzanie

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